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You are a project developer, general contractor or an installer. You know everything about a PV project, how to choose the right site and the best components. All it takes to consolidate the value of your work and its bankability is a neutral agent double-checking your calculation.

This is often a time-consuming business, but with KiloWattsol it is not. kiloWattsol has developed a computer platform, which allows to rapidly execute complex calculations. In order to meet your requirements in terms of budget, time and depth of analysis, kiloWattsol offers a range of assessment formats.

Furthermore, kiloWattsol's analyses go beyond the limits of software packs available on the market. If you have been trying to calculate the impact of trackers or storage on a system's performance, you will appreciate this aspect. kiloWattsol works directly with hardware manufacturers in order to understand every component's particularities.

We are confident to be the actor in the field of solar yield assessments with the best reactivity, with our reports being produced within a fraction of the time that it will take most of our competitors, with a commitment to excellence in terms of quality on all levels of our offer.