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While resources of fossil fuels become scarce and a reliance on them hence more costly, they are also one of the main causes for climatic change.

Renewables are the most interesting option to exit this vicious circle. Electricity generated by a photovoltaic installation is different in many ways from more conventional forms, also because it allows literally everybody to become a provider of energy. While this does not only add a new dimension of independence to society, it can become a very lucrative enterprise if it is carried out in the right way.

kiloWattsol has been working for governments, NGOs, institutions and public administrations in the past, by providing assessment or reports, allowing our clients to take decisions based on hard facts.

One example in this context is a survey we carried out for one of France's leading providers of social housing. We were able to provide a complete analysis of the entire housing stock's solar potential with a precise figure of how many PV modules could be installed as well as how many kWh they would produce over the next 20 years.