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The thing with lending money is that one takes a risk in an enterprise without being able to act or react in order to make sure that it evolves smoothly. This is why you want to make sure beforehand that the project you are lending your money for is going to generate enough profit for your client to be able to cover the debt.

Renewables have proved to be excellent ventures in many cases in the past. Yet, as with any new industry, it takes a while until the haze of initial precipitation has lifted, and common practice takes its place. Until then, the anticipation of risk is even more essential than with a more conventional project. To achieve this, you will need an expert that allows you to unveil risks and rule out doubt about profitability.


Analyses compiled by kiloWattsol were able to highlight the advantages as well as disadvantages in the design of PV power plants in the past, allowing hence our clients to avoid making potentially costly mistakes. And we would be honoured to prove you our skills.