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The story of kiloWattsol starts in 2006 at the meeting of the two co-founders Xavier Daval and Dominique Dumortier. The company was incorporated in 2007.

Xavier Daval is the former European Director of OK International, world leading manufacturer of tools for the electronics industry, a subsidiary of Dover Corp (DOV NYSE).

Dominique Dumortier is one of the leading European specialists in daylight and solar radiation characterization, and modeling. Professor at ENTPE Engineering School, he teaches heat transfer, daylighting and artificial lighting for building design applications.

Our team spent nearly two years developing a computing platform for PV project simulation as part of a larger R&D programme. kiloWattsol was twice winner of the national prize for innovative businesses (2007 & 2008) from the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, funded by Oséo.

kiloWattsol is a member of the French syndicate of Renewable Energies (SER) and has been selected to join the Incubator of EM-Lyon, one of Europe's finest Business Schools.

Today, kiloWattsol's team consists mainly of doctors and engineers speaking six languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Romanian.